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Some (More) PDF Internals

Posted by William Diaz on December 7, 2011

I already discussed a different form of this error (One or more documents could not be opened) when trying to open PDFs from our document management system in Outlook in an earlier blog here.
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Some PDF Internals

Posted by William Diaz on November 2, 2011

Often times when sorting through Process Monitor logs, you find yourself having to employ some intuition to zero-in on what is an otherwise vague result: NAME NOT FOUND. Its normal to see these results en masse, and most of these are perfectly legit. But knowing how to apply a few filters and some basic understanding of what you are looking for is sometimes enough to narrow down why your application is failing. In a previous post, I demonstrated this approach. Here is another example.

In this case, the user was not able to open PDFs from within our Outlook-integrated document management system. The error reported was rather generic as you can see below: Read the rest of this entry »


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The Case of the Failed PDF Print Jobs

Posted by William Diaz on October 11, 2010

I was asked to provide a second opinion to a case where a user was unable to print to PDF using the BullZip virtual printer. There were no errors of any sort but nothing happened anyway. The escalations team had already gone about deleting and reinstalling the software printer to no avail. The issue was also tested under different user accounts, where the printing also failed, which meant we were dealing with a system problem and not something isolated to the local user profile. i.e. the culprit likely resided in HKLM.

To start, our first clue revealed itself in the properties of the BullZip PDF printer:
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User Request – Automatically Insert Current Date Into PDF

Posted by William Diaz on August 20, 2010

What the user wants, the user gets. Especially when they tell you someone else has it or someone smarter than you did this for them a long time ago. The request here was to automatically populate several date fields in a PDF with the current date and time the PDF was opened. The idea was to expedite the filling out of the form so that it could quickly be printed out and sent out for hand delivery. 

Most PDF editing apps can accomplish with a little Java script. In the example here, I am using the PDF Converter Professional application but the steps below are similar for Adobe Acrobat or any other PDF editor. The task is to link the Java script to the various text date fields. By default, the text fields are named Text1, Text2, etc. or they can be renamed.

Once you know the field name, go to Document > JavaScript > Document JavaScripts > Add. Read the rest of this entry »

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Using Notepad to Troubleshoot Files that Won’t Open

Posted by William Diaz on August 13, 2010

A common occurrence in technical support are user’s that receive files that are missing file extensions. Often times, you can open the file in Notepad (or any other text reader) and scan the top of data for printable strings, i.e. readable text, that allude to the application or file type it is. For example, an image file, portable network graphics:
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HP 1020 1022 Print Drivers Crashing the Print Spooler

Posted by William Diaz on July 21, 2010

We see numerous complaints about missing printers. This will happen when the Windows print spooler (spoolersv.exe) is not running and we often see this complaint with those setup with personal HP 1020/1022 printers. While attempting to print PDFs, or after printing PDFs, the print spooler is crashing. The drwtsn32.log and user.dmp files in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Dr Watson all point to the same culprit, the HP ZSR.dll print driver.mHere is an excerpt from the drwtsn32.log: Read the rest of this entry »

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