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I work at a large law firm spread across 3 dozen offices in the US and overseas, handling all ranges of Windows desktop and application support issues . I initially started blogging on my company’s IT SharePoint site to share technical knoweledge and troubleshooting strategies to solve common and the not-so-common issues of the unexplained, odd user requests, and various bits of information about the Windows operating system.

For advanced troubleshooting, I use several utilities for resolving or identifying the unknown, including the Windows Debugging Tools for basic operating system and application crash or hang analysis, SysInternals tools like Process Explorer and Process Monitor, and exploring lesser known areas of the Windows to make sense of it all.

And when I get tired of I.T. all, I forget and keep this blog around to help jog my memory.

& Shanta wastes time by trying to divide by zero.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Recommend the Mark Russinovich webcasts and his blog. Excellent blog that covers his tools used in everyday troubleshooting. He also covers some basic crash/hang analysis and you can find a 10 part series on you tube:

    Books, I only have a couple references, Windows Internals (its in 2 parts now) and the Sysinternals Administators Reference Guide. Also recommend learning a little programming (C, VB.Net) and vb scripting. I also surf the MS technet blogs and msdn blogs as much as I can to pick up on the latest issues or other troubleshooting articles.

    Last, always follow up on those cases of the unresolved. Many things I troubleshoot may remain unresolved until I decide to take another crack at it. Sometimes, learning some new internals of the OS or a process, app, whatever, sets a light bulb off in my head.

  2. Syed Khan said

    How can I contact you tried sending and email but no reply ?

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