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The Case of the Disabled Script Engines

Posted by William Diaz on January 4, 2012

Recently, users began reporting problems with certain functionality in Internet Explorer not working, including problems with the native Windows XP Search fields missing. In all cases, this was resolved by registering Jscript. At the same time, there were other reports of Windows Script Host errors when trying to process logon scripts: “Windows Script Host. Can’t find script engine ‘VBScript’ for ‘C:\path\Filename.”
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The Case of the Failed Registry Edit

Posted by William Diaz on October 29, 2010

I like to play with post mortem debuggers to help troubleshoot issues with crashing or hanging application by doing some basic analysis of the dump files. Often times I change the Windows debugger between Dr Watson and WinDbg on my Windows Xp workstations. To make Windbg the default debugger you can go into the command shell and run the following command: Windbg –I. After doing this many times previously, I was surprised when I encountered the following error when trying to change the debugger on my Windows 7 workstation. “WinDbg was not successfully installed as the default postmortem debugger. This operaton requires administrative privileges.”
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