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An Instance Where Process Monitor Failed to Run

Posted by William Diaz on October 28, 2011

While doing some troubleshooting on a workstation one evening, I wanted to run Process Monitor but encountered the following error: “Procmon was unable to allocate sufficient memory to run. Try increasing the size of your page file.”

As seen here, the available memory and page file size were sufficient:
A reboot failed to correct. With nothing to go on, I thought about the workstations recent history. A couple days earlier I installed the latest Debug Diagnostics 1.2 from Microsoft in an attempt to get a dump of a crashing process. Upon uninstalling it, the Procmon could start again. I reinstalled Debug Diagnostics but was unable to recreate the error. So, if you encounter this, the only advise I have is start by looking at services that are not part of the out-of-box Windows experience.


One Response to “An Instance Where Process Monitor Failed to Run”

  1. Paul Winterburn said

    I’ve also seen the same behaviour today. When I looked at the processes tab in Task Manager there were multiple child processes of procmon.exe being spawned, up to the point it ran out of available memory. I’ve added my user to the local administrator group and it now runs without any problems, but I’d rather run with lesser privileges.

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