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The Case of the IE Print Failures

Posted by William Diaz on August 26, 2010

I was asked to assist when one of user’s was unable to perform the simple, mundane task of printing a web page in Internet Explorer. Furthermore, they could not even print preview the page. There was no error of any kind and IE simply went on with its business like nothing happened. I started my analysis by running Process Monitor on the workstation, creating a filter in the trace log for iexplore.exe. I then repeated the steps of the user by going to File > Print Preview and then stopped the trace log. There were just over 500 events logged in that one action, small enough that I was quickly able to scroll through it and I some Access Denied results: Read the rest of this entry »

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HP 1020 1022 Print Drivers Crashing the Print Spooler

Posted by William Diaz on July 21, 2010

We see numerous complaints about missing printers. This will happen when the Windows print spooler (spoolersv.exe) is not running and we often see this complaint with those setup with personal HP 1020/1022 printers. While attempting to print PDFs, or after printing PDFs, the print spooler is crashing. The drwtsn32.log and user.dmp files in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Dr Watson all point to the same culprit, the HP ZSR.dll print driver.mHere is an excerpt from the drwtsn32.log: Read the rest of this entry »

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Printing Headers and Footers in IE 7 and IE 8

Posted by William Diaz on July 8, 2010

Every now and then the need arises where a user needs to print a web page with a custom header and for filing or reference purposes. We are still pretty much running on an Internet Explorer 7 platform (sigh) so this can be somewhat cryptic as IE 7 uses codes to determine what and where header and footer information is printed. Header/Footer codes are accessed from the File > Page Setup menu in IE: Read the rest of this entry »

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