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Archive for May 18th, 2012

On Error Resume Next

Posted by William Diaz on May 18, 2012

A script that doesn’t throw an error but doesn’t do what you want it to do is encountering an error. Perhaps this is a moot point but I thought it was comical because one of my co-workers couldn’t figure out why his script wasn’t working and not “erroring” until he mentioned a few minutes later that he included On Error Resume Next in the script. The lesson learned is that you should comment-out this line out until you have a fully functioning script. Afterwards, this little lesson then reminded me that at some point awhile back I meant to write a blog about commenting out On Error Resume Next until you have a full functioning script but really didn’t think I had enough to warrant a blog. Well, with this little incident, now I have a decent paragraph to put into a blog post.


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Wife.exe Crash Troubleshooting

Posted by William Diaz on May 18, 2012

Not all issues I troubleshoot are at work. Sometimes I might be sitting at home and then this somewhat buggy application starts up. It’s a random occurrence and trying to resolve its problems can be very taxing. The main reason for this is I don’t have the source code and trying to reverse-engineer it is nearly impossible because it’s data structures are not logical. But maybe we can look at its crash dump and find out what’s happening.

Looking at the dump:

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