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When A GUI Goes Missing (and Worse, It Has No Presence in the Taskbar)

Posted by William Diaz on February 3, 2012

…you might find yourself scratching your head as to why some application seems to not be responding. Normally, when a GUI or an application opens off the screen and cannot be seen, you can just right-click (Shift + Right-Click in Windows 7) the task in the Taskbar and Select Move and drag it back into focus. This area off the screen can be thought of as the virtual desktop area. But what if the GUI does not have a presence in the Taskbar?

For example, we have an in-house developed GUI that connects Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to our document management system for opening or saving documents to it. Unfortunately, the GUI doesn’t have a presence in the Windows Taskbar. Because of this, every once-in-a-while when someone opens the GUI via Save or Open, it fails to appear and the application that it was opened from acts as if it has become unresponsive. Looking in the Task Manager, though, reveals the application is, in fact, running:
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