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MMC Tips for Showing Exchange Tabs, Adding the ESM snap-in, and Speeding Up Opening of ADUC in Windows 7 64-bit

Posted by William Diaz on December 5, 2011

Missing Exchange Tab in Windows 7 64-bit
I was a bit annoyed by this when I switched my main workstation to Windows 7 64 bit: the absence of the Exchange tabs in the account properties. I have no idea why Microsoft doesn’t officially support this with the RSAT tools. To work around this, though:

  1. If you cannot get pass the operating system check (after all, this is not Windows Vista). run the installation silently.
    • esmvista.msi /q
  2. You will need to start your MMC with a 32-bit switch:

Add the Exchange System Management Console to Your MMC
While you’re at it, you can now also regain access to the Exchange System Management console from your MMC after following the above steps:

ADUC Opening Too Slowly?
Ever since I installed an add-on for Active Directory Users and Computers (Defender Console), I was annoyed by the 20-30 additional seconds it took for me to open ADUC. The MMC console on a 64-bit OS will open in 64-bit by default. Since the Defender console came with both 32 bit and 64 bit DLLs, I wanted to see if it would make a difference starting the MMC for AD in 32 bit mode. In fact, it did, taking at most 5 seconds.

Hint: create your normal MMC with all your goodies (ADUC, Exchange System Management, Group Policy Management) save it somewhere other than the desktop, create a shortcut and add /32 to the target path.


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