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Archive for July 12th, 2011

Windows 7 Searches & Indexes Virtual Machines, Too

Posted by William Diaz on July 12, 2011

I was using mmc as the application launch criteria in the Windows 7 Start WIndows_7_Orb_icon_by_skyangels > Search programs and files and upon hitting Enter, it kept launching Windows XP Mode. I had no idea up until this point, but Windows Search will index applications in the virtual machine. It took a couple minutes for me to realize this because normally I don’t visually scan the Search programs and files list. In this case, because there is no BlackBerry Management mmc for Windows 7, I had to install it in my XP mode virtual machine.
MMC.exe should work fine.


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Resolving Web Page Issues By Turning On Script Error Notifications In Internet Explorer

Posted by William Diaz on July 12, 2011

…and you don’t necessarily need to know a thing about web scripts!

My issue started when I came in one morning and went about making some aesthetic  changes to one of our SharePoint pages. First, I needed to clean up some of links in the navigation pane on the left hand of the site but all I saw was this:
I should have seen all the various navigation menu heading and links like below:
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